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The Blotter Art Project

The Blotter Art Project

Bringing People Together Through Art

“ To eat is to appropriate by destruction. ” *

Instead of destroying it, why not create with it?

That’s the question we asked ourselves when we began The Blotter Art Project back in 2013. LSD Blotter Art paper has been around since the late sixties. While our art contains no psychoactive chemicals, the connection it creates among it’s fans is incredibly strong. Everyone who has a Blotter Art Pin is part of the project.

The Blotter Art Project

The Blotter Art Project began as a collaboration between the dormouse and Pyrroh. The pins, pendants, magnets, and other items have been seen from Oregon to North Carolina. 

Support The Blotter Art Project

Purchase a limited edition Blotter Art Pin to support The Blotter Art Project.

Each pin is hand-made and 100% unique. Custom paper pattern designed by the dormouse and Pyrroh. Only ten sheets were printed, all of them were destroyed to make these pins. This pattern will never be printed again, once they are gone THEY ARE GONE!

Donate Bitcoins

Support the Blotter Art Project! Donate Bitcoins

Buy a pin! Pay With Bitcoin

A Pin For You!

Blotter Art Pins, $25/ea.


Join and share the art!
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